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First class travel for palletised freight....

UPN is the fastest growing UK Palletised freight network, with over 50 strategically placed members operating round the clock to ensure reliable and secure delivery.

How does it works?  You can contact the office via email, phone or fax to request a collection, one of our fleet will collect and consolidate at our depot in Melton Mowbray.  From here yours and other clients goods are trunked into the main UPN hub, where they are then sorted into areas and taken to the relevant part of the UK for onward delivery by one of the fellow UPN members.  Goods arrive at there depot early the next morning for re-sorting onto delivery and collection vehicles.  These vehicles the go out, deliver and start collecting other goods to start the process again... How simple can it be, all you have to do is call, and fax the consignment details to us.  Whether is be 1 pallet or 26, there is a solution to every logistical requirement.

What services do we offer?  

Next day 24 hour delivery

Economy 2 - 3 day delivery

Full, Half, Quarter & Micro pallet rates

Timed deliveries

Tail Lifts (at no further cost)

On-Line Proof of delivery
And the cost?, This is designed around the client.  We offer single consignments or contract packages where we can place trailers for daily collections or arrive each afternoon for loading.

How can I start?  Simply call the office to discuss your needs and we can either start that day, or make an appointment to visit you to go through the system in greater detail.  On our contacts page you will find links to account forms and consignment information sheets.

Please visit the UPN web site for further information by clicking on the logo below.

If you have a UPN  id, you can access pod & tracking details direct. Call us for further details.